Bridging the Gaps - Words from a Client

The Art Therapy Project presents “Bridging the Gaps,” an exhibition to commemorate Pride month that showcases the works of our clients from the LGBTQ+ community.  The art highlights the desire to bridge transitory spaces that exist within oneself, as well as those that still exist for the LGBTQ+ community within present day society as a whole. The exhibit encourages interaction and engagement from the public and seeks to promote feelings of inclusion and deepen the viewers’ insights on the value of acceptance and respect for differences. Below you can hear directly from our clients about  the impact of “Bridging the Gaps.”

Why do you think this exhibition is important?

  • The importance is in the representation and visibility it offers. Visibility creates an undeniable acknowledgment that the LGBTQ+ community is growing and is not afraid to be seen. Through art, we have a glimpse into the vulnerability, humanity, and reality of the lives of queer folks.    

What inspired the title, Bridging The Gaps, and what is its significance?

  • There are so many gaps that could be bridged, i.e. homophobia, self-homophobia, bias within the LGBTQ community itself/with one another as well as the political divide, so we used this as the inspiration for the title.

How does the exhibition address gender issues?

  • The exhibition addresses gender issues through specific artworks that speak on the topic of gender equality, as well as through the unidentifiable gender of the artists which speaks to the fact that art is genderless, and as so should be (political) policy. Trans equality is gender equality. Gender equality is human equality.

What does this client art exhibition offer to the larger NYC Community?

  • NYC is diverse in culture but, at the same time, isolates groups into smaller communities. It is easy to designate LGBTQ+ to a certain neighborhood, but the visibility during Pride month proves that the community is widespread among all walks of life, ethnicity, and socio-economic status. This art exhibition will add to the voice and message that the LGBTQ+ community would like NYC to hear and see. Also, Pride month is an opportunity for the entire LGBTQ+ community to celebrate and unite (bridging the gap) among our peers as well as straight alliances.

Bridging the Gaps is on view through June 28th at The School of Visuals Arts. Client exhibition viewings are free and open to the public, but by appointment only. Please contact The Art Therapy Project at 212.592.2755 to schedule a time to visit.

joan choremi