Kelly Anne Sherlock on Bringing Beauty Back into People’s Lives


Kelly Anne Sherlock is an Executive Board Member of the Young Professionals Leadership Group of The Art Therapy Project and associate consultant at Bain & Company, a global business strategy consulting firm, where she works with clients in industries from private equity to healthcare and retail/consumer products.

How did you get involved with The Art Therapy Project?

I first learned about the organization at the Affordable Art Fair. I attended the Fair with a few friends and stumbled upon the Art Therapy Project booth and started chatting with Rob Belgrod, who was volunteering at the table. I was incredibly touched by the work that TATP is doing and found the mission extremely inspiring.

What surprised you or stood out to you about the work The Art Therapy Project does?

Although I find creating art therapeutic, personally, I was not particularly familiar with the idea of more structured art therapy for victims of trauma. I’m in awe of the absolutely incredible and transformational stories that I have heard about the impact that these sessions have on the lives of clients. I am thrilled to be a small part of an organization that is bringing creativity, and thus, beauty, back into the lives of people who may be struggling to see that beauty in their lives.

Why do you support the organization?

I have, for a long time, been a firm believer that creativity and the artistic process can facilitate healing. When I was in high school and college, I worked with organizations, and organized projects, to create murals in children’s hospitals to distract and delight the young patients. When I moved to New York, I wanted to find a way to get involved in an organization that was dedicated to that idea—that art can help heal.

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