Self-Care Practice During The Holiday Season

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The holidays can be stressful. Many people forget to take care of themselves and become overwhelmed with family, events and overcommitment. It’s easy to neglect our self-care routines as well as our emotional wellbeing.Creating art, however, can serve as a self-care practice and form of meditation. It can have a healing effect for many ailments and eliminate the negative feelings that are associated with depression and anxiety. The creative process elevates our awareness of self and connects the mind, body and spirit through individual activity. 


  1. Facilitate self-connection

  2. Provide mindfulness

  3. Support self-expression

  4. Encourage self-centering

 Other approaches to self-care practices can be opportunities to interact with oneself and focus on one specific activity. We asked our art therapists what they do for self-care over the holidays, and here’s what they had to say:

  1. Meditating

  2. Hiking

  3. Art-making

  4. Running

  5. Sleeping

  6. Camping

  7. Yoga

  8. Dancing

  9. Going to the gym

  10. Gardening

  11. Cooking

  12. Reading

 More From Our Art Therapists….“I find cooking, from grocery shopping to eating the meal, extremely healing and creative. I take any opportunity to cook and break bread with loved ones, but I also dedicate time to nourishing myself by setting a beautiful table and creating a gorgeous meal out of fresh ingredients solo.”

“I’ve been practicing modern dance and yoga for a number of years now. I find both practices deeply restorative and energizing. I can get out of my head and drop into my body, finding more flexibility, focus, and silence. ”

Tea time and bed time are my favorite personal rituals. I make sure I am cozy and everything is clean and fresh and beautiful so I can dump out any thoughts and drift off to the land of Nod!”

You might find a few of these self-care practices useful, effective and rewarding. You might also realize it's time to start a few self-care rituals. Regardless, enjoy the positive aspects of the holidays and give thanks to family-time and me-time --- and always remember to take care of your mental health!Have a happy, healthy and joyful holiday!

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