Strengthening the Profession through Continuing Education


Part of The Art Therapy Project’s mission is to engage in, and support, the field of art therapy. Last year we began offering workshops that meet requirements for licensed clinical art therapists and social workers to obtain Continuing Education Hours in New York State. Workshops combine art therapy best-practice techniques and information, alongside hands-on art directives to enhance learning and connection to the material. Participants not only tap into our community of art therapists, but also learn from experts in the mental health community and established artists, which makes for truly unique learning experiences.The Art Therapy Project launched its continuing education program with an ethics workshop last October, presented by Clinical Director Lindsay Lederman, MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT, ATCS. Already this year, we held a workshop about international art therapy, led by one of our incredible contract art therapists, Mickie Hoffman, ATR-BC, LCAT. Participants have been from a variety of fields: art therapy, social work, music therapy, dance therapy and teaching.Alison Levi-Ramirez, MME, MT-BC, LCAT, had this to say about her experience:

“I have had the pleasure of attending the first two continuing education workshops. They were very interesting, well presented, convenient to attend and well-priced. As part of each workshop, every participant created a personal art project. As a Music Therapist, this allowed me to explore a modality of expression and creativity I do not usually have a chance to experience. The projects were fun and enlightening, and I felt a great sense of pride in what I created. I was excited to share each of my projects, and my thought process as I created them, with not only the other workshop participants, but also with my family and co-workers later on.  I very much look forward to attending additional workshops at The Art Therapy Project, as they are offered.”

Looking ahead, we are bringing even more exciting learning experiences to our community. In 2018 we will be having workshops on:

  • the treatment and understanding of eating disorders, with a distinguished guest lecturer from the field of social work

  • the use of fabrics in art therapy and how they support attachment and connectedness, with demonstrations from a special guest handbag designer

  • working with female and male veterans digital art making in treatment, with special guests from the GIPHY organization

  • ethics

Other continuing education workshops are in the works. Sign up for our newsletter, or join our mailing list, to learn about all of the wonderful programming that we will be hosting in 2018. We hope to see you there!