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Welcome to the Process, an inside look at how The Art Therapy Project is using the healing power of art to improve the lives of so many in our community. A common misperception about art therapy is that a person must be artistically skilled or experienced to participate; that is not the case. For art therapy, it is the process, not the product, that is paramount; hence, our newsletter title.Since opening our doors six years ago, The Art Therapy Project has provided art therapy at no cost to more than 4500 trauma survivors. Centered around issues of family, violence and health, we work with two dozen program partners to identify clients who will benefit from art therapy. Each week, our art therapists lead 35 groups for youth and adults, most of whom have not made progress through traditional talk therapy. We aim to give each and every client the tools necessary to move forward with life.Alongside our blog, The Art Therapy Project also publishes an e-newsletter to bring you news and insight about our collaborations with program partners, volunteers and supporters who make it possible for The Art Therapy Project to offer these vital services. We also share information about the field of art therapy as its integration into best practices for treating trauma survivors continues to grow. It is our hope that you will enjoy the Process and share it with your friends, family and colleagues.We invite you to contact us if there are any topics you would like us to cover. With your on-going interest and support, The Art Therapy Project will continue to thrive and grow to meet the needs of trauma survivors throughout our community and beyond.

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