What is The Art Therapy Practice?


We have some exciting news to share with you! The Art Therapy Project recently launched a new program, The Art Therapy Practice. This unique, individualized program is based on an entirely different model than our original approach yet is deeply rooted in the same concept: healing through art. To learn more about The Practice’s services and benefits, we spoke with Program Manager, Suzanne Deisher, MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT. What makes The Practice different from The Project? Find out here.

What is The Art Therapy Practice?

  • At The Art Therapy Practice we provide fee-for-service art therapy sessions to individuals, couples and families. We are dedicated to matching the right art therapist from our team of seasoned clinicians, with each individual who accesses our services. Located in the heart of Gramercy Park, we aim to provide a supportive and comfortable setting for individuals to work with their therapist in order to make long lasting, positive changes in their lives.

Why was The Art Therapy Practice started?

  • The Art Therapy Practice grew from The Art Therapy Project in order to fulfill a greater need for art therapy services within the larger community. After receiving requests from individuals for art therapy that we were previously unable to provide, we’re excited to make our services accessible to people who are not affiliated with our program partners, or are looking for individual services for themselves or loved ones.

What makes The Practice’s services unique?

  • We provide clients with services and support from experienced art therapists. When an interested client contacts The Practice, they always speak directly with a clinician. Our team of art therapists are all nationally board certified and licensed by the state of New York, with multiple years of experience. We also have an advisory council of distinguished mental health professionals who oversee The Practice’s clinical matters. This added resource provides an extended network of support for clients.

  • Each art therapist offers a personalized approach to their client’s treatment plan that best supports the individual’s challenges, interests and goals. Whether a client is drawn to more holistic avenues or sensory-based models, our clients have the opportunity to choose a therapeutic approach and art therapist that best suits their needs.

Who benefits from The Practice’s services?

  • Our services are effective for people of all ages, from young children to older adults and everyone in between! Many individuals benefit from art therapy including those struggling with stress, anxiety and depression; people with PTSD; children and adolescents experiencing behavioral and communication issues; people living with adverse physical health conditions and other health disabilities; and people dealing with loss and grief.

How long is a treatment?

  • Treatment length is determined on a case by case basis. For example, if someone experienced a recent job change and is having difficulty adjusting to the transition, treatment might be shorter compared to someone who has a more significant history of trauma. No matter what the case, sessions are designed to fit our clients’ needs. Individuals work with their art therapist to determine what therapy looks like for them in terms of frequency of sessions and length of treatment, which is evaluated as therapy progresses.

How is art therapy different from other traditional forms of therapy?

  • Art therapy is different because it uses the creative process in combination with talk therapy to address emotional, behavioral or situational issues. It offers a unique way to confront and manage challenges, often times more easily than through traditional talk therapy. For instance, clients who have experienced trauma or children and teens who don’t have the words for their feelings, often find it difficult to directly talk about their experiences. Art therapy allows clients to work through the metaphor of art, which can help make exploring emotions feel less threatening.

Why do you find art therapy valuable?

  • I find art therapy to be an incredibly valuable approach to therapy, as it leverages our natural abilities to be creative and use art media to channel and identify feelings and memories that may not come as easily with words. This can help people make visible associations that might not have been as apparent in talk therapy. When an individual makes these connections it encourages self-exploration and can make it easier for them to communicate.

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