Healing Through Art

The Art Therapy Project is a nonprofit mental health organization providing free group art therapy to adults and youth affected by trauma. Using the art-making process and with support from our art therapists, clients learn how to explore feelings, increase self-awareness and cope with life's challenges.

“Art reflects the degree of needed space. I draw landscapes, the ocean, the sky. I am always looking for a way out and to be free.”

“I don’t believe in medication and for that, art therapy really helped me. I am very thankful for The Art Therapy Project.”

“Being able to accomplish small-scale drawings first then large-scale drawings helped me realize I can accomplish life goals.”

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Clients Served To Date

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Weekly Group Art Therapy Sessions

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Client Artwork

The client artwork featured online and shared publicly has been given previous consent by the client. We respect the privacy and identity of our clients. In support of the therapeutic process, names and other information are not made public.

Client art exhibitions at The Art Therapy Project are held annually, every spring, and can be viewed by appointment only. They are voluntary opportunities for our clients to share their work publicly. Please check our calendar for other exhibition dates and contact info@thearttherapyproject.org for scheduling a time to visit.

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