The client artwork featured below and throughout the site has been given consent by the client. We respect the privacy of our clients and only share artwork that has been previously approved. In support of the therapeutic process, names and other information are not made public.


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Client Art Exhibitions

Exhibiting client artwork to loved ones, family, friends and the larger New York City community empowers our clients and provides insight to the public on how art therapy can positively impact past trauma. Clients tell us that they often experience a great sense of validation and pride when their inner world is honored and held by others. One of the goals of The Art Therapy Project is to try to reduce the shame and stigma around mental health, and we try to address this issue through exhibiting client artwork.

Client art exhibitions at The Art Therapy Project are held annually, every spring, and can be viewed by appointment only. They are voluntary opportunities for our clients to share their work publicly. Please check our calendar for other exhibition dates and contact for scheduling a time to visit.


Illumination at Christie’s

In July 2018, The Art Therapy Project was named Christie’s 2018 Charity Partner for Close to Home, a staff auction and exhibition. Our 2018 spring client art exhibition, Illumination, was on view at Christie’s for one-week, which introduced new audiences to art therapy and our mission. As the official Charity Partner, The Art Therapy Project received over $8,000 from the auction sales all to support our art therapy programs. Here is a short video, which captured the exhibition’s opening reception.